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Social Media Intelligence

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Social Media Intelligence Questions

The Solution

Within the Social Media Intelligence Program, J.D. Power partners with NetBase Solutions, Inc. to offer an Insight Workbench that enables you to extract actual consumer perceptions from social media data—without spending unnecessary time on manual coding.

The J.D. Power Social Media Intelligence Solution includes:

  • Access to our Insight Workbench tool that allows you to easily mine millions of social media conversations in near real-time in order to uncover valuable information about your brand and products
  • Training and support for your staff to navigate through the abundance of social media data
  • A dedicated annotation/research team to adjust your searches when business needs change or to provide expert analysis as needed

We can tailor our social media intelligence services to fit any of your social media needs. In addition to the Insight Workbench, these programs may include:

  • Expert analyst support focused on identifying consumer attitudes and perceptions
  • Daily monitoring and reporting (ongoing listening) to identify hot topics
  • Summary reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis, which includes recommendations on program topics
  • Deep-dive reports on key strategic issues, along with recommendations
  • Ongoing access to our listening tool that allows for custom social media Web searches

The Benefits

An Insight Workbench subscription provides you with the tools you need to:

  • Capitalize on game-changing opportunities faster and accelerate time to revenue
  • Make smarter business decisions by answering the "why" questions that you previously couldn't afford to research
  • Save valuable time and money across your consumer insights function
  • Protect your brand equity by understanding what lies beneath social media chatter
  • Drive better business decisions about your products, packaging, and promotions

Whether your company is trying to analyze market trends, understand how to reach a particular segment of consumers, uncover brand or product opinions, or drive new product development, our social media intelligence helps you make sense of social media.