2016 Hong Kong Credit Card Satisfaction Study

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Hong Kong Credit Card Study

Consumers have countless options when choosing a credit card provider and a multitude of reasons for each decision they make. Our experience in the financial services industry will provide card issuers with the actionable research, insights and solutions needed to increase loyalty, word-of-mouth, and usage.

J.D. Power specializes in providing unbiased and independent customer feedback across a variety of industries in multiple markets around the world. For more than 45 years, J.D. Power has measured the Voice of the Customer through our syndicated studies in order to help direct improvements in customer experience for some of the world’s largest brands.

Objectives of the Study

  • Measure customer experience with the product and service offering of main card issuers in Hong Kong.
  • Identify drivers of customer satisfaction, as well as measure performance across 6 key areas:
  1. Customer Interaction – Omnichannel
    1. Front office (branch/store & call centre)
    2. Digital channels
  2. Rewards
  3. Benefits & Services
  4. Billing & Payment
  5. Credit Card Terms
  6. Problem Resolution
  • Provide benchmarks on best practice, performance scores, as well as guide issuers on improvement initiatives.
  • Determine impact on bottom-line metrics, including advocacy, usage, spend, retention, etc.
  • Guide improvement initiatives to close performance gaps across product and services offerings, and enhance the customer experience.
  • Snapshot: 2016 Hong Kong Credit Card Satisfaction Study

    Study Coverage

    • Sample Sizes: 2,700~3,000
    • Fieldwork: April-May
    • Planned Study Release: May 2016
    • Planned Press Release: May 2016
    • Brand Coverage: All major card issuers

    Subscriber Deliverables:

      1. Analyst Briefing
      2. In-house Management Presentation
      3. Dataset: mTabWeb® (Optional)
      4. Study ranking is by card issuer. Analysis will cover both brand and product.

      For Award Recipient (Card Issuer):

        1. The study subscriber that ranks highest in overall satisfaction will be presented with an award licensing opportunity
        2. Complimentary J.D. Power trophy

        Additional Services & Products

        Booster Sample

        • Use client customer contacts to increase the sample size for the syndicated study to allow for more detailed insights; e.g., covering a specific co-branded product or need for increased coverage of a specific service channel.


        • Provide monthly or quarterly tracking of performance on an identical or similar survey platform. Use the syndicated benchmark study to determine the scale and impact of performance improvement initiatives.

        Proprietary Studies

        • Individual tracking and benchmark studies around such diverse areas as the onboarding experience, IVR voice vs. touch; digital navigation and features; competitors’ benefits; billing process and information; and brand image.
        • Proprietary work can use secondary, online, face-to-face, or qualitative methodologies.

        Contact Centre Assessments

        • J.D. Power Call Centre Practice experts review of service performance and VoC integration in client contact centres, covering on/offshore, in/out bound centres.

        Website/ Smartphone Access Evaluation

        • Expert review of best practice in website and smartphone service delivery. Using VoC data and user test to identify customer preferences and improvement requirements.

        Regional Practice

        Dr. Gordon Shields

        J.D. Power Asia Pacific
        8 Shenton Way #44-02/03/04
        Singapore 068811

        +65.6597 6131 Tel +65.6733 1861 Fax



        XingTi Liu
        Manager, Corp. Comm.

        J.D. Power Asia Pacific
        8 Shenton Way #44-02/03/04
        Singapore 068811

        +65.6597 6131 Tel +65.6733 1861 Fax


        J.D. Power is relied on as a trusted advisor for deep expertise in the industries we serve, advanced research science to drive insights, and a proven success record for driving results.

        Our inaugural 2016 Hong Kong Credit Card Satisfaction Study aims to answer the following questions:

        How well are you performing in meeting your customers’ expectations?

        Which issuers deliver an exceptional customer experience and how?

        How do competitor products perform?