Awards Program and Merchandising

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Awards Program

Each year, J.D. Power surveys millions of consumers around the world to gather their opinions and expectations about the products and services they purchase. Survey results are used to compile rankings based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and other industry-specific metrics that gauge company performance. J.D. Power Asia Pacific presents awards based on ranking results.

Companies that rank highest in J.D. Power Asia Pacific studies may license the use of the J.D. Power Asia Pacific name for advertising claims. Use is governed by a formal agreement and is closely monitored to ensure the information is accurate and not misleading to consumers. J.D. Power Asia Pacific awards are based solely on responses from customers and business-to-business customers who have used the products and services they rate. Award rankings are in no way influenced by the opinion of J.D. Power Asia Pacific or its staff.

The J.D. Power Awards Program provides consumers with product quality and customer satisfaction data that enables them to make more-informed purchasing decisions. Study results and rankings are based on satisfaction and quality ratings provided by customers, and data are proprietary to J.D. Power Asia Pacific. Rankings are based on numerical scores and not necessarily on statistical significance. J.D. Power Asia Pacific experience indicates that even when there are small differences in scores for the products and services measured, these differences help drive competition in the marketplace, thereby improving product and service quality, and may also drive increases in overall customer satisfaction.

Through the company’s research and publicity of research results, J.D. Power Asia Pacific continually serves as a catalyst for positive change across many industries.


  • Duplicate trophies and merchandise are available for employee celebrations/recognition/reward
  • Demonstrate your company's dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality
  • Reinforce award messages in branches and at retail locations

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