In the News: 2015 Philippines CSI in Malaya Business Insight

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“Authorized service dealers have made significant efforts aimed at reducing the time their customers spend at their service facilities, especially in a market where new-vehicle owners are particularly sensitive to waiting times,” said Loic Pean, senior manager at J.D. Power Asia Pacific. “The wait time to speak to a service advisor, the vehicle handover process before service, as well as the actual vehicle servicing time and payment process are completed notably faster than in 2014, translating into higher satisfaction with the overall service experience.”

Providing an outstanding servicing experience can generate high levels of advocacy and loyalty. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of service customers say they “definitely would” recommend the same make to a friend/ relative, and 55 percent say they "definitely would" repurchase the same make, up from 62 percent and 52 percent, respectively, in 2014.