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Performance Improvement

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J.D. Power Asia Pacific Performance Improvement Services examine key factors that influence perceptions of quality and customer satisfaction in Asia Pacific. Improvement solutions focus on research-based measurements that may help determine better product strategies, isolate the root cause of problems, and provide specific improvement solutions that may enhance business results. J.D. Power Asia Pacific solutions in retail excellence programs and product/manufacturing improvements enable clients to integrate the Voice of the Customer into their product development and retail service experiences to achieve business success.

Product Improvement

J.D. Power Asia Pacific Product Improvement solutions align the product/ process improvement plan with key factors that affect customer satisfaction. J.D. Power delivers consulting and training services to help clients develop, optimize, and execute plans to increase customer satisfaction and improve business results.

J.D. Power Asia Pacific Product Improvement solutions address such core issues as:

Vehicle Evaluations

  • Conduct vehicle evaluations based on the Voice of the Customer. Quality problems are identified from the customer’s point of view not only by focusing on hard quality issues and defects, but also on perceptual quality factors, both of which lead to complaints that impact customers’ overall vehicle quality perceptions
  • Define unique selling propositions vs. the competition to direct the development of successful marketing materials (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Identify the features that customers indicate are difficult to use, which may be reduced or eliminated through dealers’ efforts to optimize feature introduction during the shopping and delivery processes

Manufacturing Quality

  • Identify/ improve plant capability for high-quality launch/ production
  • Provide rapid and concise evaluation of in-plant quality systems as they relate to preventing, detecting, prioritizing, and resolving problems from the customer’s perspective
  • Provide definition and understanding of where gaps exist with in-plant quality systems (identifying and resolving customer-defined problems) and taking appropriate steps to close those gaps

Product Design and Development

  • Improve the product positioning, definition, target-setting, execution, and overall alignment to customer expectations
  • Enhance processes used to identify and integrate the Voice of the Customer into the product development
  • Enable better utilization of Voice of the Customer data in quality gate and milestone reviews
  • Improve the use of Voice of the Customer data in target-setting/ trade-off decision