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Retail Improvement

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Customized assessments of retailer performance are conducted using customer-centric evaluation instruments. Services include evaluation mystery shops; standards and performance audits; and a variety of self-assessment tools.

Performance Improvement Training

J.D. Power Asia Pacific provides clients with the insight and business tools to ensure that strategies, business practices, and performance improvement initiatives are aligned with customer expectations.

J.D. Power also provides leadership training, management workshops, and field staff training to help clients align their efforts with customer-centric principles.
Performance Improvement Training services include Web-based instructions, classroom training, and in-dealership modules and tools. J.D. Power has conducted in-dealership management and staff one-on-one advisement for more than 500 dealerships in Asia Pacific, which have produced positive results.

Retailer Improvement

J.D. Power Asia Pacific solutions and products include a number of services, from retail excellence process redesign and performance assessment to improvement in training and coaching activities. Clients and retailers not only are able to obtain the tools and techniques to improve business performance and increase sales and service efficiency, but also may display their competitive advantage to consumers through the J.D. Power Asia Pacific Dealer CommitmentSM program.

Retailer Improvement solutions include:

Dealer Commitment Program

Addressing the overall CSI performance, the Dealer Commitment Program takes a granular approach to examining the CSI performance gap at the dealer level through workshops. This program helps dealers understand customer satisfaction in relation to the J.D. Power model, using it as a basis for initiating improvements at dealerships. The program puts the dealer CEO/principal and the top management of dealerships at the forefront, thereby necessitating customer service improvements and consistency of customer focus in all activities at the very root of the OEM's dealer network. The program seeks to create dealer management buy-in of customer satisfaction by:

  • Involving decision-makers and key management to drive customer satisfaction-related activities at dealerships.
  • Demonstrating how greater levels of satisfaction may provide greater revenues and repeat business for dealerships

Customer-Based Assessment

The Customer-Based Assessment incorporates findings of the customer’s dealership experience into recommendations on improving CSI at dealerships.

Actual customers who are due for service are recruited to evaluate their service experience on either pre-specified J.D. Power checklists or on customized checklists based on the dealership's priorities and commitments. The identity of customers is kept confidential during and after the entire assessment process.

Process Audit

The objective of the Process Audit is to evaluate the dealer principal’s implementation of key initiatives. The audit program is designed to support OEM efforts as they implement improvement initiatives.

The audit will be limited to the commitments made by each of the participating dealerships. The assessors will evaluate the robustness and effectiveness of the processes and activities utilized for implementing the specific commitments made by the participating dealerships.

Retail Improvement