Automotive Industry Solutions

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Uncover how we address the needs of every facet of the automotive industry through all stages of the vehicle lifecycle—from product planning to loyalty and retention—to drive results for you.

1. Long Range Planning

For automotive manufacturers and suppliers involved in the product planning process, it is critical to understand what satisfies customers, what they like and dislike about their vehicles, where the market is headed, and how to strategize for the long run.

J.D. Power answers the important questions to help you understand your customers, market trends, and current and future market drivers, which may help to advance your business and, ultimately, positively impact your bottom line. J.D. Power addresses these questions through our comprehensive set of product planning solutions:

  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Automotive Forecasting
  • Tracking
  • Consulting & Training
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Point-of-Sale Transaction Data Solution (PIN)

2. Market planning

For automotive marketers, it is critical to understand your market—both current and future—inside and out. This includes understanding the factors that drive awareness and interest in particular models, as well as in your brand.

J.D. Power helps automotive marketers to define customer, segment and market requirements and develop priorities and develop a detailed road map to hit targets at the individual attribute level through the following activities:

  • Marketing studies–market appeal
  • Market/segment entry programs
  • Need definition studies, ethnographies
  • Brand image improvement programs

3. Product Planning

J.D. Power Asia Pacific Product Improvement solutions align the product/process improvement plan with key factors that affect customer satisfaction. J.D. Power delivers consulting and training services to help clients develop, optimize, and execute plans to increase customer satisfaction and improve business results.

J.D. Power Asia Pacific Product Improvement solutions address such core issues as:

  • Feature Contenting and Intender programs
  • Vehicle Evaluations
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Product Design and Development

4. Network Planning & Operational Effectiveness

J.D. Power Asia Pacific solutions and products include a number of services, from retail excellence process redesign and performance assessment to improvement in training and coaching activities. Clients and retailers not only are able to obtain the tools and techniques to improve business performance and increase sales and service efficiency, but also may display their competitive advantage to consumers through the J.D. Power Asia Pacific Dealer CommitmentSM program and other solutions like:

  • DSWAMI/CSI/SSI/ESS/Avoider/Early-buyer programs
  • Funnel and Enquiry management programs
  • Capacity planning
  • Network process realignment
  • Certification programs
  • Dealer HR quality management
  • Dealer Commitment workshops/Audits

5. Product Quality

Quality is critical to the success of every brand and every vehicle model. Consumers' expectations of quality—both of their vehicle and of their service experience - are ever-increasing, and automotive professionals must understand these expectations in order to continuously deliver quality and improve. J.D. Power offers the following solutions to help automakers achieve the quality desired to meet customer expectations through our:

  • IQS/APEAL/VDS studies
  • Supply Chain alignment
  • Vehicle manufacturing evaluation

6. Loyalty and Retention

Brand loyalty and customer retention are extremely valuable to any organization and understanding the factors that drive loyalty are critical in retaining customers. The automotive landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, and consumers are not as loyal to brands as they once were. Through our Service Retention programs, we help to measure customer satisfaction with vehicle service and loyalty to their dealership. We can help to also understand the factors triggering vehicle owners' visiting their purchase dealership for after-sales service and to forecast their re-purchase behavior.

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